• Cross Channel Customer eXperience


    Strategy boutique specialized in custom solutions, Thomas Button, proposes its expertise in complementary channels to create value for the company and its customers. Explorers of markets and trends, our trademark:




  • Cross Channel Business Development

    Our consulting practice is dedicated to business development, on both mortar and digital channels, it combines design of marketing offers, innovative digital solutions, sales efficiency...


    Explorer of trends and ideas, Thomas Button aims to bring to the business management a flow of innovative concepts and a range of possibilities in terms of solutions and cross channel development strategy. A set of services completed by our brand management offers, and support for transformations. More information...

    Sales Efficiency

    To go from idea to customer, sales efficiency is the prerequisite of success. Our methodology Sales Operational Excellence links strategic business goals, needs and customer expectations on the different channels, with the ability of the sales teams to provide the proper response. More information ...

    ... And is enriched by our expertise in brand management, communication, advertising and promotional animation; completed by our support in business transformation.

    Brand Management 

    The brand is the essential vector of relationship and transaction between the company and its customers. Symbol of meaning and values, the Brand drives the innovation and the future of the company. Its asset value, is an essential lever in our approach to business consulting. More information ...

    Customer Relationship Management 

    The customer experience builds up the reputation, the content and the brand awareness, this powerful leverage of communication results from an accumulation of perceptions and emotions coming from different interactions between customers and brand. Capture and optimize the customer experience feedback is a real issue. Our value proposition : interact a the right time, in the right place, that’s what we call the Smart Relationship In Situ. More information ...

    Change Management

    Innovation, technological breaks, societal aspirations, ... change the relations to the company and impose new organizational schemes, processes, rituals, ... Our responsibility is not only to assist our customers in developing their cross channel business, it is also to handle the human factor and change management to ensure the success of transformations. More information ...

  • Beyond the code, a method

    The DIP (Digital Innovation Process) a method developed by Thomas Button and Tévolys combines strategy, creativity, and quality of development to ensure a unique customer experience.

    Our teams dedicated to the customized developments interact throughout the DIP process, linking strategic vision and customer experience across digital channels. The DIP process is materialized in 4 major categories of deliverables:

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  • Software & Solutions


    Thomas Button distributes and integrates business solutions to complete its business consulting activities: digital hub of services, sales efficiency platform, instant feedback solution,...

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    From skills to Feedback, the Sales Operational Excellence Hub


    Immediately familiar, made by experienced sales people for sales people, HubSelling is aligned on the sales cycle to provide a smart access to the best practices and processus related to the circinstances.

    Responsive, the contents available in 90 languages can be accessed from any device (PC, smartphones, tablets).

    Fully compatible with the major IT environment and CRM tools, quick and easy to deploy, the HubSelling platform is ready for customization and to get the contents in their usual form (MS office, ppt, pdf, …)


    The key components of the solution :

    • HUBSELLING SKILLS TANK: easy Access to best practices, processus ans interactions organized according to the sales value chain.
    • HUBSELLING SMART SHARING : libraries for sharing formats and supports between teams and with customers and partners. 
    • HUBSELLING FEEDBACK : tools dédicaced to the feedback management.

    More information...

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    Thomas Button Instant Feedback Solutions

    Instant Feedback Management

    We offer a feedback solution based on the best technologies available on the market dedicated to brands and organizations wishing to capture feedback from their customers, clients, employees, ... to transform them into value. This solution collects opinions through a dedicated algorithm able to control the truthfulness of each feedback. Just after feedback the contributor immediately gets a contextualized answer and a specific Call To Action exclusively related to its profile. After treatment and control of the feedbacks, they can be published on web sites and social networks with the guarantee of a trusted third party, compliant with the GDPR, and local standards : CNIL and NF-Z74 501 standard.

    More information...

  • Credentials



    They built us, they trust us, they use our services or our solutions ... we are happy and proud of our relationship with all these brands.

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